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Football or soccer as Americans call it is a fast-paced team sport that is popular world wide. In the United Kingdom, football is one of the most popular spectator sports. People from all walks of life, and from different ages all play this amazing ball game. It is played in school fields, backyards farms and even in vacant streets. Different football equipment uk shops offer are popular among fans. Football players are among the most well known and respected athletes in the United Kingdom. For an ordinary individual, there are numerous reasons why one would want to play football.

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Health and fitness

Playing football is a challenging physical activity that exercise various body parts. A person's endurance will steadily improve when they play football regularly. Football is played on a large field where players are expected to jog and run. Apart from the cardiovascular workout incurred while running around the field, playing football tones one's legs and core. Playing football develops agility, speed and coordination. Weekend football players are more fit and healthy than their sedentary counterparts.

Camaraderie and social skills

Football, like most team sports, is a great way to meet new friends and strengthen bonds with old ones. Playing a match is a great way to develop ones communication skills. One can talk shop and gab about the latest football equipment uk shops have to offer. Football is a very popular sport in the United Kingdom and one would never run out of people to play with. Being a football player makes the person belong to an ever growing community of enthusiasts. In the United Kingdom, almost everyone can be coaxed into a conversation by talking about the latest league matches. Individual player jerseys and team affiliated football equipment uk shops offer are very popular among supporters. Also, football players, like all athletes, attract a great deal of attention from the opposite sex.


In order to be good at a sport like football, one must develop essential skills like discipline and perseverance. Football provides many challenges that can help in a person's self development. Football and most team sports for that matter are a good venue to learn leadership, respect and team mechanics. Team sports like football improve an individuals development in regards to both competition and cooperation.


The most important perk of playing a sport like football is that it is fun. People play sports to spend some time in an exhilarating pursuit of competition. Weekend footballers play because it serves as a relaxing activity after an entire week of slaving in the office. Playing football is a fun activity that one could do with friends and family. one can enjoy a great afternoon playing football. This simple sport allows people to enjoy competing against others, working with their teammates and inproving their own personal skills all while maintaining their fitness and growing as an individual. Quite frankly, there seems to be no possible excuse one could make to not try their hand at this amazing game.